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L'a.i.r.e. - italians living outside of italy & "new italians" with dual citizenship

(L’ufficio anagrafe - Juris sanguinis)

The acronym A.I.R.E. stands for Association of Italians Residing Overseas.
Founded in1988, it functions as an overseas extension of the Office of Vital Records (l’Ufficio Anagrafe) for the Italian population residing outside of Italy.The collection of data and its constant update through the Italian Consulate offices in their respective jurisdictions throughout the world also includes those who have obtained dual citizenship by the principal of juris sanguinis. Thus it is possible for one to have never lived in Italy and still be rigistered on the list of Italians living overseas.

Interestingly, the Vital Records offices for each Municipality (Comune) in Italy keeps the corresponding records of those Italians who have decided to transfer their residency to other countries. Also of historical note to those who prepare their family’s genealogy, one may find the A.I.R.E. files in Italy in the various Comuni a source ofvaluable information.

How do I get onto the A.I.R.E. list? Simply go to your nearest Italian Consulate and ask for the appropriate form “Dati Anagrafici” which is filled out by the Consulate staff. You can see this form by visiting any various web sites of the Italian Consulates and the Embassy in your country.

Of interest to those who have obtained dual citizenship, this same form is sent to the Comune that originally verified your ancestors birth place and /or last residence in Italy.

For further clarification, Italian Legal Language Services can be reached in San Francisco at (415) 382-6171 or through their web site